What is Sans-Uteri?


Sans-Uteri is a daily digest forum of email correspondence between group members discussing the physical and emotional challenges hysterectomy and castration can create.

We have members who are newly hysterectomized and/or castrated & women who had surgery 20 years ago. We also include women who are considering surgery & have questions as well as those who care for us (husbands, partners, lovers, family and friends).

We are not one of the "happy hysterectomy groups".

Sans-Uteriís original goal was to connect women who had been hysterectomized in their 20s, as she had. What the Founder discovered was women from 20 to 70 years old who understand the challenges she faces because they face the same ones. The effects of hysterectomy and castration are blind to a woman's age and her reason for having it.

We talk about so many topics, here are just a few:


Surgical Concerns & Issues

Hormone and Drug Therapies

Hysterectomy terms Compounding pharmacies and natural HRT
Can hysterectomy damage relationships? Hormone adjustment & hormone levels
Keeping ovaries and/or cervix Estrogen with and without progesterone
Retained cervix & still bleeding Living without hormones
Unrelated cancers Homeopathic Remedies
Myomectomy Fosomax and Pravachol
Preparing for surgery  
Adjustment to hysterectomy  
Perforated colon & constipation

Sharing Experiences

Adhesions Pilates
Incontinence & bladder damage  
Shortened vagina  
Quality of sex and libido vs. orgasm  
Sore breasts  
Leg / hip pain  
Sweating and complete hot or cold  intolerance  

Our membership is worldwide. Would you like to join us?

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