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Hysteric Tummy

My ovaries are screaming, my uterus sobbing
Fallopian tubes drowning in the tears surrounding
So much pain walking and so much just being?
Vagina is drying, libido decreasing
What is happening?

In silence I am grieving
The children I was dreaming
Of conceiving and raising
So much pain just being?

"Hysterectomy is the best thing!"
Are you kidding, are you kidding?
I want MY chance of conceiving
I need more time for ACCEPTING
And I need time just for mourning?

"Hysterectomy is the best thing"
I now wonder as pains keep worsening
And dizziness and vomiting continue attacking?
Fibroids now invading, my uterus is enlarging
What is happening?

All together now my organs are screaming
And my energy rapidly decreasing?
Gut feeling is constantly whispering
"Hysteric tummy needs hysterectomy!"

A lot of strength I needed building
A lot of support I needed feeling
A lot of time I needed for planning
Thank you doctor for listening!

My face, now relaxed and smiling
My body constantly strengthening
At last I can now start living
Thanks to my gut feeling!

Baina Masquelier, July 1997

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