Things Doctors Say to Dismiss Us


Our goal with this page is to list dismissive things our doctors have said to us. We will not use any names as that would serve no purpose. Instead, we hope that women will find that they are not alone in suffering unkind, cutting remarks at the hands of their doctors. By knowing we are not alone and that many women (unfortunately) have heard similar, we can regain our strength and make our own decisions.


A woman told her doctor that since her hysterectomy the intensity of her orgasms had diminished, he responded that if she expected him to believe that, then she expected him to believe the moon is made of green cheese! 'Green cheese it is' she thought.

Doctor to fatigued, upset, hormonally imbalanced patient with no sex drive:
"I have NEVER had any of my patients complain about the things you are complaining about. You've had all of your children and in a few years you'll be in menopause. You won't need your organs anymore".

"Now you won't have to worry about getting ovarian, uterine, or cervical cancer."

"You have no more problems to worry about because you're built like a little boy inside now".

Dr. was going over my female history and the question came up, "Are your periods usually normal?" I told him no, and that I had between 2 and 3 periods a month. He told me that that was impossible and after about 10 minutes of indirectly calling me an idiot for saying that, he proceeded to tell me that I must have been IMAGINING the blood!!!!

When asked why the just reported fibroids couldn't be removed instead of the entire uterus a woman's doctor replied simply, "It's easier (to remove it all)." Easier for whom was not offered as a topic for further discussion.

I went to my gynecologist this morning with the laundry list of symptoms, problems and pains I have been experiencing in the 6 months since my bilateral oophorectomy. When I finally came up for air, near tears, he said "Well we only have time to deal with one of those today so pick the one that bothers you the most. And only the one that seems gynecologic". Sorry, but in my mind, they all were related.

I asked my doctor if having a hysterectomy would affect mine and my husband's sex life. He said, "The cradle will be gone, but the playpen will still be there. Sex will be just as enjoyable as before and you won't have to worry about getting pregnant!"


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