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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I post?
"All things hysterectomy" are welcome on the list, this includes:

We discuss anatomy, medications, hormone replacement, compounded plant-based hormone replacement, diet, exercise, depression, sexuality including pain during sex, reduced libido and numb genitals, relationships, anger, fear, disease and pain (including leg and hip pain) on this list. All as they relate to hysterectomy. Please use a descriptive subject line and remember emoticons (;-} or {grin} or {LOL}) which help convey your tone. For more information see United.

What can't I post?
Do not post "I had my hysterectomy 20 years ago, never felt better, think you women should stop feeling sorry for yourselves and get on with life." You would not be the first one to say this callous thing, you will not be the last, but you certainly would be just one more person who does not understand that we would if we could.

Do not try and sell your "miracle widget" to the list or invite us to sign your Aunty Mary's online 50th wedding anniversary card. Jokes are not welcome here, but a sense of humor and LOTS of patience are.

Flaming is not permitted. Things like "You suck, you are stupid, how could you have gotten such a dumb idea " etc., are not appropriate. There is a way to say "huh, interesting point, Beth. My opinion is ___." Remember, we are a large group of people from around the world representing most religious and political persuasions as well as most life choices.

Don't send "test" or "I want off!" messages to the list. Problems with the list should be sent to the list manager. For more help see United.

I have a question but do not want to join.
You may
send one piece of email with any number of hysterectomy related questions to the list moderator for inclusion in one digest. If approved, your email will go to all the list members who will be asked to respond to you privately if they have any suggestions, answers or feedback.

I want to announce my service/product/research project to the list, may I?
If it is hysterectomy related you may
send it and it will be considered for inclusion.

What does it mean that the list is a moderated digest?
All intended posts are sent to the list moderator who will either forward them to the list or reject them because they:

No notification of email being rejected will be sent out, and questions about appropriateness will be referred here, to the SU FAQ. There will be no debate because all messages must follow Sans-Uteri's policies.

We are in digest format only which delivers one e-mail message containing all posts for the day to each subscriber.

Changing your email address
Email your old and new email addresses to
List Managers.  FYI: you must send email to the list from the EXACT address you subscribe to SU with. is not the same as

Do not "Reply-To" the list. Address a new piece of email to and copy and paste any info you want to share with the list into the newly addressed email. Sending an entire previous digest to the list is not desired.

Do not set up an auto-responder while you are subscribed to the list or while on vacation. If you are going away from your email and have an auto-responder, unsubscribe to the list first here. Auto-responders wreak serious havoc with lists and will get you banned.

Attachments may not be sent to the list, they come out as garbage. Open what you'd planned on attaching and copy and paste it to the newly addressed email. Remember, "all things hysterectomy", ONLY.

Why was my footer/signature removed?
Footers which often accompany email with free providers and signatures will be removed in order to keep the digest a reasonable size.

How can I get previous issues of Sans-Uteri?
Participants can email the
List Managers and ask for the date range that they would like. The digests come as one large attachment per month and are emailed in MIME encoding unless otherwise requested.

If you do not receive the digest remember that members' email boxes often become full or their mail server goes down. If neither of these apply to you contact the List Managers .

My post was not in today's digest!
If you do not see your post right away look for it in the next day's digest. If it is not there contact the
List Managers. You may also want to take a look at United for more information on acceptable posts to Sans-Uteri.


HARVESTING Sans-Uteri Members' Email Addresses from the digests is NOT permitted!


DISCLAIMER: Sans-Uteri's list owner, list manager, list moderator and list master, reserves the right to remove,

without notice, anyone from the list who violates Sans-Uteri's policies.


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